revised wish list for tww still looking to pay expert to make changes

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revised wish list for tww still looking to pay expert to make changes

These rules can be applied to any game but TWW is the closest to how it should be played
I can be reached at resocialtarian@yahoo.com

Air (including sea) and armor Superiority can be added to any game

Attacking and defending hits from planes only count against each other and the same with the tanks, mech, and anti-tank until that particular column is out and any spill over hits may apply to other units including ground strafe.  So you can still pick mechanized infantry and antitank instead of tanks.
Specific changes to air units in tww
For air superiority regular fighters should have the highest rolls followed by navy planes, then tactical and strat. Bombers at sea or land and I am open on rolls.  Currently the navy planes have a higher roll at sea and this is not right.    Fighters should be able to go on carriers but their lower sea performance against ships is correct.  Actually it would be cool to make navy planes interchangeable say at the beginning of round with them costing the same.  Sea planes should not get a bonus for fighting on land territory like coast and island. There should not be any terrain modifications to air until all air superiority is determined.  Ideally strategic and tactical bombers should get a little higher roll attack roll at sea than it presently is.  The fighter including navy planes should have a lower attack value (like no higher than artillery) on land than the tact. And strat. Bomber
Strategic raids for ground units.  Bombers should get a one round only strife against ground units and no counter unless any AA units present.   This is why we need mobile AA for the game.  Mobile AA could be handled 1/2/2 but should also be allowed to defend against land.  Non mobile AA should also get a 1 defensive regardless of improved AA.
Air raids on airfields should include all the planes in that territory regardless if they scrambled as they are being targeted too.  However, this is one round raid AA fires first, air superiority determined, defending strat. Bombers don’t get to scramble, and attacking strat. Bombers gets one roll on planes and another for airfield damage if survives.  
Also the rockets could not be pin pointed to just hit factories etc. so they should only cause PU damage but the cost should be one less than the minimum damage they cause
Overrun air fields- If the dice battle gets down to just defending planes against incoming ground units, the planes must retreat to nearest territory.
Ships should be able to bombard naval bases and I’m not sure how to do damage but the yards would have coastal artillery and torpedo bays for defense plus after naval base is gone could bombard factories or PU damage.
Kamikaze planes would be for Japan only and only against sea units.  Both fighters and bomber would be able to use their full range without any regard to landing and they do not get an automatic hit and must survive air battle.  Kamikaze really only came into play after 1944 so you may not allow it at first.
Planes should not have to face AA fire if they are just passing a territory as they would surly take a different route to avoid it.  However, they would have to face any fighters in said passing territory in normal air combat.
Retreating for defending sea and land unit(s)
In the spirit of movement the retreating units can’t be moved on the next turn plus attacking units may pick how many units it wants to leave to occupy territory.  However 2 land rounds must be endured before retreating is allowed and some kind of penalty should apply for a fighting retreat like one of your counters not counting.  Sea rounds should be 3 and of course this should be a game option to ask minimum amount of rounds endured.  Also defenders cannot retreat to areas so sometimes escape may not be possible.  Due to the vastness of sea zones, defending sea units can break off from the attack and still be in the same sea zone but not sure about that one.  
Submerged versus surfaced submarines in attacking or defending situations
This needs to be asked every round to determine which ships can sink the subs if any, and if you want to take sub casualties from the beginning of say a big mixed sea battle since surfaced subs can take hits from any ships.
Only destroyers and planes (with Ariel depth charges) can sink submerged submarines period.  Defending submarines get 2 rounds to escape destroyers, 1 for planes unless they have depth charge tech then 2 and heavy destroyers 3.  
Submerged subs cannot take hits from defending subs, transports, cruisers, carriers, and battleships so you better buys some destroyers.  
Transports can only hit surfaced submarines, aircraft and not only can they not be used as attacking fodder like in the players enforced rules but they must be picked last in defending sea battles.  One exception, when it is only attacking submarines transports can be picked first in defending situations.
Battleships and aircraft carrier damage should cost something to 1 PU to repair at naval yard.
Specific navy changes to Tww
Game should start with all nations destroyers being able to stop subs so do away with improved destroyer and replace it with Ariel depth charges so that planes can sink submerged subs.  Also defending subs first strike only get a 1 roll against attacking subs and advanced submarines get a 2.  Plus subs can counter aircraft at its lower defense value but only if surfaced.  Get rid of advanced destroyers enabling all ship hits to count against subs.  Destroyers should have a higher roll against subs then other ships but do not know how you can do this.
More changes to tww
Game should start with all types of infantry to do amphibious assaults.   For amphibious tanks, you would need to buy special amphibious tank transport that could also hold artillery.  However, these units should get lower than normal attack value for amphibious attacks but not lower than infantry.  No advanced units or bonus units for anybody.  The defense terrain modifications should need to be a tad bit lower maybe by not having multiple terrain modifications and there is no way in hell a tanks gets a lower defense value than troops.
??? Help Costal artillery, first you can’t put navel units out in occupied sea.  Destroyers can bombard.   I am not sure about all the details for this section but I think if defending coast has tanks and artillery they should get like a 1 AA against trannies with only costal art. Being able to hit other sea units.  Coastal artillery would be one material plus one artillery unit to make and it would be 2 hit plus have high defense value.  Maybe attacking bombardment should be able to pick defending unit hits?
Could add Supplies and oil plus, costing 1 buck have to be transported and forward units could not can’t attack without one supply unit in that area and the same goes for navel units but both land and sea could defend without supplies.  Sea supplies could be transported by transports or the ships themselves could carry them up to a certain amount.  Only trucks and halftracks could haul ground supplies up to a certain amount.  
1 marine only can board cruisers, carriers, and battleships.  The global guys put it in their game.  All games need patrol boats 1/1/2.  All game should start with historic number of units per date, REGARDLESS OF BALANCE.  Convoy sea zones should be added like in global.  Russian and German should be better than all other nations’ tanks.
There needs to be a 1 cost difference between armed and unarmed trannies and special tank trannies should be added.
Mech. Can tow one art or AA but no infantry but trucks should carry 1 infantry and tow one and maybe even tanks tow one.
Copenhagen should not dictate the sea lane but it would be a good example of defensive costal artillery if passing island. Plus the straights of Gibraltar would be another example however coastal artillery is really needed to determine this.
Blocks are still allowed, like from loading troops etc. but attacker can now pick how many ships he wants to use against the block and allow rest to go elsewhere.   The attacker should have at least one more unit then what is defending.   This could be done this with land as well?  Hulls should be required for cruisers as well and air trannies can move 1 non paratroop guy as long as land at airport.
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Re: revised wish list for tww still looking to pay expert to make changes

I appreciate your effort in trying to improve TWW.
But for me it is almost impossible to read and/or understand what you are writing.
It would help so much, if you could get some structure into it.
Something like:


and so on.

It would also help improving communications about the different wishes you have.
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Re: revised wish list for tww still looking to pay expert to make changes

I concur with Wirkey. Have there been any takers for you offer of payment to finalize/improve TWW? I'm curious as I'm also a big fan of this particular mod.