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TripleA Stable Has Been Released

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TripleA Stable has been released, download it here:

Play Axis and Allies online with TripleA!

This version is completely backwards compatible with,,,,,,,, and savegames.
(You can install more than 1 version of TripleA at a time, and run them all at the same time.)

The Developers for TripleA Veqryn, Redrum, LaFayette, Gaborbernat

Main Updates:
- Bug Fixes: 
Bug fix, retreat from naval combat was not possible in, now fixed.
Fixed possible infinite loop bug when a corrupt map exists in the map downloads.
Hard AI - Fixed calculating defenses on maps with air/naval bases to properly calculate enemy range.
Hard AI - Fixed bug around not defending against enemy units that were transported the previous turn when potential enemy attacks were calculated.

- New Features:
Increase scroll speed when using arrow keys. Holding down control speeds up arrow key scroll.
Placing cursor next to the very edge of the map increases scroll speed.
- Bug Fixes:
Fixed maxBuiltPerPlayer to include unplaced units.
Fixed issue with TripleA logging users out of when posting PBF turns.
Fixed bug with movement validation for fighters launching from a carrier and flying into enemy land territory then returning.

- New Features:
Created a new casualty sorter for quicker approximate sorting that includes support attachments.
Bug fixes on unit casualty sorters, and switching new approximate method in as the default.
Added a convenience button to undo all moves during a phase.
Removed obsolete Dynamix (land-only) AI.
Migrated source code from SourceForge to GitHub:

- Hard AI Updates:
Improved performance on large maps.
Added support for valuing exposed units when attacking.
Improved air units landing safely.
Added scrambling support.
Improved transport movement and defense.
Added support for purchasing and landing on carriers.
Improved naval non-combat move and avoid sea units getting stuck.
Improved casualty selection to consider unit cost.
Added unit support attachment consideration for purchasing and movement.
Added politics support for 2 team maps such as Global 1940.
Improved capital defense.
Added support for WW2v1 non-limit placing of units on starting factories.
Added support for territory effects.
Added support for China on WW2v3.
Added support for unit placement limits.
Fixed sorting bug causing error: Comparison method violates its general contract.
Improved carrier/fighter casualty sorting to avoid leaving fighters stranded.
Units of the same type are now moved all at once rather than one at a time.
Added support for nations without capitals.
Fixed several rare NullPointerException errors.
- Bug Fixes:
Savegame size increasing exponentially bug is fixed.
Hosts now wait up to 15 minutes (previously only 1.5 min) for players to sync when starting a game up.
Fixed bug where occasionally the game would wait on all players to press 'OK' for certain messages before the game could continue.
Fixed bug with World War II Classic rockets technology giving a null pointer error.
Fixed multiple bugs surrounding AA attacks on units with more than one hitpoint.
Fixed lobby username muting not working.
Fixed bug where under rare circumstances air units going from sea to land would lose all movement.
Fixed bug with bid placement for Global 1940/1942 where British could not place units in UK Pacific.
Fixed bug with unit repairs not being recorded properly in history.
Fixed bugs surrounding fuel cost for units loading, unloading, and moving with carriers.
More stability improvements for hosts and bots; as well as many smaller bugs fixed.

- New Features:
New AI, "Hard AI" (also called ProAI), coded by Redrum.
BattleCalculator now multithreaded and 2x to 20x faster than previously.
Host wait time now configurable in engine preferences.
New default casualty selection method, which can solve complex support scenarios, is available in engine preferences (very slow, and still in beta testing).
- Bug Fixes:
Crashing and freezing while hosting finally fixed completely.
Crash caused by bug introduced into Paratroopers tech fixed.
Fixed some bugs with triggers, and various other smaller bug fixes.

- New Features:
New 'Unit Stats' chart, accessible from the 'Help' and 'Export' menus.
Some new step properties for map makers to use.
- Automated Host Improvements:
Automated hosts have been fully fleshed out now, with many improvements. You can now set game options, and they now look and act more like a regular host does, with the 'Choose Game', 'Load Game', and 'Game Options' buttons all working.
They also show up in the lobby in italics, with a mark under the new "Bot?" column, and start with zero players. Lobby admins have the power to control them, including muting and banning of players inside them.

- Many New Features for Maps:
Lots of new sounds added to the engine, and the engine can now play sounds from inside a zipped map as well, including by triggers.
Units can have multiple hitPoints beyond two, variable repair rates, maps can start with damaged units, resources can now be purchased during purchase phase.
Some progress on 1914 WW1, many new phase step properties, and allowing multiple 'when' settings for triggers.
Players can be optionally disabled in some maps, allowing more flexibility for free-for-all type games.

- Some Bug Fixes:
Defending submarines no longer fire before attacking units when attack has a destroyer.
Some fixes for online game stability.
1940 China no longer affected by blockades, and airborne paratrooper bugs fixed.
Various other bug fixes for strategic bombing on a map with terrain effects, errors with max units placed, fighter carrier movement, attacking with a carrier holding allied air, comment log not updating, resource creation order, and destroyedTUV condition.

- Misc:
PBEM/PBF Improvements: New option under 'File' menu: 'Post PBEM Game', which will allow posting the game at any time, like during a battle. AI can now be selected for PBEM games.
User notifications, such as chance notifications, now be turned off in the 'Game' menu.
Big updates to included java libraries: Java 6 or greater now required, Substance UI updated and many new 'look and feel' settings available, latest included JRE, and latest apache common jars.
Major updates to Great War WW1 and 270BC.

For a full changelog see here:

Reporting bugs:
Please report any bugs encountered here:

If you find bugs, I really can't do much about them unless you upload an autosave.  It will save me tons of time if you give me an autosave / or save game made sometime before the bug occurred.  Also mention what map the bug occurred on, and copy and paste the error if there is one.

Your save games are in a folder right next to where the maps are:
(Windows XP)  C:\Documents and Settings\userName\triplea\
(Windows 7)  C:\Users\userName\triplea
(Mac)  /home/user/documents/triplea/
(Linux)  /home/user/triplea/

[They are NOT in program files.  They are in a folder in your user account.]

When you are making a post, click the "More Options" button.  From there click "Upload a file".
Simply upload the autosave, or other save, to your post.

I really really appreciate savegames, it makes my life a lot easier.

Please also describe what happened before the bug occurred, and copy and paste the full error message, and of course say what map and what version of TripleA you were using!

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Re: TripleA Stable Has Been Released

Thanks Redrum!
Please contribute to the TripleA 2013 donation drive:
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Re: TripleA Stable Has Been Released

Thanks Redrum

I know its a ways down the road but if it's not too dificult could you put the old scroll system as a game option for the next release ? If not I'm sure I can get used to it I just preferred the other setup. Thanks again
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Re: TripleA Stable Has Been Released

In reply to this post by redrum
I know I said it before, but I still suggest lowering the default Run Count for the dice battlecalculator to 1000 (from current 2000).

I believe 2000 almost doubles calculation time, while adding very little value; anyone else feels the same?

(I guess 500 for Low Luck is fine)

(on the other hand, I still suggest the max being 100,000 (from current 20,000))
History plays dice
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Re: TripleA Stable Has Been Released

In reply to this post by Veqryn
To Redrum,
Is there an option to damage Industrial Complexes with Bombers? when they damage you place a grey(white) counter and the IC produces one less Unit. You pay 1 IPC to remove a damage counter. I really enjoy this rule on the new version of Axis and Allies Board Game, Can you add this feature as a checked option in the options screen, thank you for the awesomeness Redrum.

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Re: TripleA Stable Has Been Released

@Andos - It depends which map you are playing. For example, World War II v3 that is how factory damage works. You'll see the factory burning and a number with how much damage on the map. On the other hand World War II revised bombing subtracts PUs instead. I don't believe there is a game option to change it and its hard coded into the specific map. Rules for various can be found here: