TripleA Stable has been released

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TripleA Stable has been released

This post was updated on .
TripleA Stable has been released, download it here,

Play Axis and Allies online with TripleA!

This version is completely backwards compatible with,,,, and savegames.
(You can install more than 1 version of TripleA at a time, and run them all at the same time.)

The Developers for TripleA Veqryn

Main Updates:
- Bug Fixes:
Crashing and freezing while hosting finally fixed completely.
Crash caused by bug introduced into Paratroopers tech fixed.
Fixed some bugs with triggers, and various other smaller bug fixes.

- New Features:
New 'Unit Stats' chart, accessible from the 'Help' and 'Export' menus.
Some new step properties for map makers to use.
- Automated Host Improvements:
Automated hosts have been fully fleshed out now, with many improvements. You can now set game options, and they now look and act more like a regular host does, with the 'Choose Game', 'Load Game', and 'Game Options' buttons all working.
They also show up in the lobby in italics, with a mark under the new "Bot?" column, and start with zero players. Lobby admins have the power to control them, including muting and banning of players inside them.

- Many New Features for Maps:
Lots of new sounds added to the engine, and the engine can now play sounds from inside a zipped map as well, including by triggers.
Units can have multiple hitPoints beyond two, variable repair rates, maps can start with damaged units, resources can now be purchased during purchase phase.
Some progress on 1914 WW1, many new phase step properties, and allowing multiple 'when' settings for triggers.
Players can be optionally disabled in some maps, allowing more flexibility for free-for-all type games.

- Some Bug Fixes:
Defending submarines no longer fire before attacking units when attack has a destroyer.
Some fixes for online game stability.
1940 China no longer affected by blockades, and airborne paratrooper bugs fixed.
Various other bug fixes for strategic bombing on a map with terrain effects, errors with max units placed, fighter carrier movement, attacking with a carrier holding allied air, comment log not updating, resource creation order, and destroyedTUV condition.

- Misc:
PBEM/PBF Improvements: New option under 'File' menu: 'Post PBEM Game', which will allow posting the game at any time, like during a battle. AI can now be selected for PBEM games.
User notifications, such as chance notifications, now be turned off in the 'Game' menu.
Big updates to included java libraries: Java 6 or greater now required, Substance UI updated and many new 'look and feel' settings available, latest included JRE, and latest apache common jars.
Major updates to Great War WW1 and 270BC.

For a full changelog see here:

Please report any bugs encountered here:

If you find bugs, I really can't do much about them unless you upload an autosave.  It will save me tons of time if you give me an autosave / or save game made sometime before the bug occured.  Also mention what map the bug occurred on, and copy and paste the error if there is one.

Your save games are in a folder right next to where the maps are:

(Windows XP)  C:\Documents and Settings\userName\triplea\
(Windows 7)  C:\Users\userName\triplea
(Mac)  /home/user/documents/triplea/
(Linux)  /home/user/triplea/

[They are NOT in program files.  They are in a folder in your user account.]

When you are making a post, click the "More Options" button.  From there click "Upload a file".
Simply upload the autosave, or other save, to your post.

I really really appreciate savegames, it makes my life a lot easier.

Please also describe what happened before the bug occurred, and copy and paste the full error message, and of course say what map and what version of TripleA you were using!


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Re: TripleA Stable has been released

This post was updated on .
If you would like to support or donate to TripleA, go here:

Changes for
* Created new step property option, "repairPlayers", which will allow a player to repair the units owned by a different player. (veqryn)

* Fixed issue where your move phase was skipped if the only unit you owned was a land unit in a transport. (veqryn)

* Allowing land units to receive repairing and bonus movement from neighboring sea zone sea units. (veqryn)

* Units on transports no longer are able to repair other units, allow scrambling, or give movement to other units. (veqryn)

* Fixed issue where a unit that dies from rockets, still participates in subsequent strategic bombing battle. (veqryn)

* Fixed issue with allied land units in friendly transports and allied air on friendly carriers losing their movement when their transport/carrier moved. (veqryn)

* Fixing issue with allied land units starting game loaded on friendly transports, could not offload until at least one non-combat phase had passed. (veqryn)

* Deleted global game option property, "Allied Air Dependents", and replaced with its inverse, "Allied Air Independent". (veqryn)

* Added menu option under 'Export" menu, called "Export Unit Charts", which will create an html document showing all units in the game and their properties and cost. (veqryn)

* Created an new menu option under the 'Help' menu called "Unit Help", which will display a table of all units, by player, including all unit properties. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug in relationship attachment property change by trigger. (veqryn)

* Deleting phase step property option, "resetUnitState", and replacing with "resetUnitStateAtEnd" and "resetUnitStateAtStart". (frogg)

* Making createsUnitsList ability choose a random territory when producing to a neighboring territory. (veqryn)

* Fixing bugs in AI's where factories were on water zones that had no territory attachment. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug where a stalemate battle with carriers that can be damaged and when damaged don't let planes land, were not letting defending planes move to land. (veqryn)

* Deleting game option property "Unescorted Transport Dies", as it no longer does anything. (veqryn)

* Cleanup of HeadlessGameServer classes. (veqryn)

* Fixed bugs in Placement, which were allowing infinite placement of sea units which were constructions. (veqryn)

* Some updates for 'Great War' world war 1 map, and Pact of Steel 2. (veqryn)

* Possible fix for "Could not stop delegate execution" bug. (veqryn)

* Fixed possible bug where a corrupted game save had the initialization delegate get called more than once. (veqryn)

* Adding a new AI called "Hard AI". Also renamed AI's: EZ Fodder -> Easy AI, Moore N Able -> Medium AI, Dynamix -> Land Only AI. (redrum)

* Fix for infinite crash-reload loop on loading a corrupt autosave on a host bot. (veqryn)

* Fixed issue with Victory trigger not being able to use html properly. (veqryn)

* Fixed illegal state exception error in landing paratroopers during a battle. (veqryn)

* Possibly final fix for a game hang / frozen bot on game launch. (veqryn)

Changes for
* Adding new sci-fi sound for "future" era. (pulicat, cernel, veqryn)

* Allowing "NONE" as a valid option value in file. (veqryn)

* Fixed null pointer exception in Moore AI for water based factories. (veqryn)

* Fixed bid delegate so that it will still run even if the player has no resources other than the bid amount. (veqryn)

* Fixed possible null pointer exception in Triggered Victory which is triggered from outside of the end round delegate. (veqryn)

* Making TransportTracker a static implementation to clean up the engine a little bit. (veqryn)

* Fixing various bugs in Global 1940, ww2v3, v4, v5, and v6. (veqryn)

* Created new Player Rule Attachment, "immuneToBlockade", which will prevent blockade production loss for that player. (veqryn)

* Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (ariborne combat) to move to / attack territories that have been blitz or already conquered this turn. (veqryn)

* Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (airborne combat) to move from allied bases, and to allow travel over water. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for special move delegates, "airborneMove", which controls if it is an Airborne Combat move phase. (veqyrn)

* Adding some more pre-industrial sounds. (pulicat)

* Allowed muting of custom aa gun sounds and custom notification, victory, and defeat sounds. (veqryn)

* Created resource image factory for making images and icons of resources. (veqryn)

* Fixed user interface to allow purchasing resources. (veqryn)

* Fixing engine to allow purchase rules for purchasing resources. (veqryn)

* Fixed memory leak in repair rules for repairing factories. (veqryn)

* Creating a menu option in the "File" menu called "Post PBEM/PBF Gamesave...", which will for pbem games post/email the savegame to the forum, without having to wait for the end turn phase. (veqryn)

* Changing trigger "notification" to use "players". (veqryn)

* Changing unit attachment property, "repairsUnits", to allow multiple and to have repair values associated with each unit, thereby allowing units to be repaired by X amount each turn. (veqryn)

* Created new unitPlacement attribute, "unitDamage", which will let a unit start with bombing factory damage. (veqryn)

* Created new unitPlacement attribute, "hitsTaken", which will let a unit start damaged. (veqryn)

* Deleting game option property, "SBR Affects Unit Production", and simplifying the engine to only use direct unit damage. (veqryn)

* Getting units with different bombing unit damage to not stack. (veqryn)

* Allowing selection of casualties for multiple hit units to allow damage points past one. (veqryn)

* Getting "hitPoints" to work in the graphical user interface. (veqryn)

* Getting "hitPoints" to work on the back end inside the engine. (veqryn)

* Created new unit attachment property, "hitPoints", which sets the number of hitpoints a unit has, and also deleted property "isTwoHit". (veqryn)

* Allowing sounds to be played by trigger, by putting "_sounds" after a duplicate of the Notification message key, with the value equal to "notification_" or "victory_" or "defeat_" + the sound key found in the file. (veqryn)

* Added logfile "dump" command for host bots, that will from the command line print out all status, connection, memory, and thread information to the log. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to mute and/or boot players in a host bot, remotely. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to see the player connections in any host game. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to see chatlog of a host bot remotely. (veqryn)

* Adding a new autosave, 'autosave2', which will take turns being saved to with 'autosave'. (veqyrn)

* Changing movement validation to disallow moving from a contested battle territory into an enemy territory. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug with a territory owned by one player but having enemy units in it, if the owned reconquers the territory it is no longer marked as newly-conquered. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug preventing sounds inside a zipped map from playing if the zipped map file path had any spaces or special characters in it. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug preventing phase sounds from playing more than once in a non-pbem game. (veqryn)

* Creating an option to select local players and AI's for PBEM games. AI's will not post/email the turn summary and savegame at the ends of their turns however. (veqryn)

* Fixing bug with host bots where disabling players, quitting, then reloading and disabling even more players, resulted in game crash. (veqryn)

* Disallowing previously disabled players from being re-enabled after a game has started. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug with moderator lobby unbanning utility. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to ban players inside a host bot, remotely. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to stop game on a host bot remotely. (veqryn)

* Created ability for lobby admins to shut down a host bot remotely. (veqryn)

* Created new option for host bots, "", which when set will allow remote actions on the host bot from the lobby admins. (veqryn)

* Created new option for host bots, "", which will set the time between lobby reconnection refreshes, with the minimum and default being 6 hours. (veqryn)

* Created new game option property, "Disabled Players Assets Deleted", which will delete all units and resources from a disabled unused player during game startup. (veqryn)

* Allowing clients to disable and enable players for host bots, but not normal hosts. (veqryn)

* Forcing random start to not allow disabled players to select territories, and also letting savegames keep disabled state, and disabled players switched to an AI. (veqryn)

* Creating new playerlist option for players, "canBeDisabled", which if set to true will force the game to delete all delegates for that player, thereby allowing more customized multiplayer games. (veqryn)

* Forcing hosts and hosting bots to always use Secure Random source when playing online, even when the host is not playing. (veqryn)

* Updating TripleA to require at least Java 6 or greater. (veqryn)

* Updating included jar libraries to latest versions. (veqryn)

* Updating embedded JRE to Java 7 update 51 for x86. (veqryn)

* Updated Substance UI to version 7.2.1, and included approximately 14 new Look and Feel skins. (veqryn)

* Created a menu option called "User Notifications..." which lets you turn off notifications you would receive from End Turn Reports, Triggered Notifications, Chance rolls that are successful or failed. (veqryn)

* Fixing Comment Log so that it updates in real time. (veqryn)

* Changed automated hosting bots so that they show up as having 1 less player (ie: the bot itself doesn't count), which means zero players if noone else has joined. (veqryn)

* Changed unit resource creation so that positive resources will be created before negative resources. (veqryn)

* Fixing bug in destroyedTUV condition for allRounds that prevented it from working at all. (veqryn)

* Added an updated engine jar for so that the new engine can play old 1.7.0.x savegames. (veqryn)

* Changed game setup screen so that the buttons for "Choose Game", "Load Saved Game", and "Game Options", will no longer be greyed out for Clients who have connected to an automated hosting bot. Those buttons will perform the same as if the client used the "Network" menu instead. (veqryn)

* Adding a menu option to change an automated hosting bot's game options, and creating backend to process this request. (veqryn)

* Forcing automated hosting bots have have a "support email address", so that when a bot has hung or stopped responding, a moderator in the lobby can email the bot's owner to notify them of the situation. (veqryn)

* Forcing automated hosting bots to have no password, to start with the string "Bot", and have "automated_host" somewhere in comments. (veqryn)

* Adding a column to the lobby called "B" for "Bots", which will show which hosts are automated hosting bots. They will also show up as italics. (veqryn)

* Fixed order of firing in ww2v3 and Global 1940, so that defending subs that are not sneak attacking will fire after all attackers have fired. (veqryn)

* Fixing a bug where attacking with a carrier loaded with allied fighters, then retreating, would prevent those fighters from being able to participate in battles for the rest of the game. (veqryn)

* Allowed TripleA clip player to access sound files within a zipped map. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug that allowed fighters to be moved greater than their allowed movement if paired with a carrier. (veqryn)

* Adding scroll bars to placement window. (veqryn)

* Fixed another bug in getMaxUnitsToBePlaced, it will no longer stop the game if it frees up enough capacity to place but not equal to theoretical maximum. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug where a strategic bombing unit receiving negative support and/or negative terrain modifier would be unable to bomb is its attack power decreased to zero. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for move delegates, "combinedTurns", which changes some validation for intermeshed player phases, such as allowing air to live if the ally could place a carrier under them. (veqyrn)

* Created new step properties for purchase and place delegates, "bid", which controls if it is a bid phase. (veqyrn)

* Created new step properties for move and end turn delegates, "repairUnits", which controls when units get repaired. (veqyrn)

* Created new step properties for move and place delegates, "removeAirThatCanNotLand", which controls when air that can not land gets killed. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for move delegates, "resetUnitState", which controls when units get their movement and other stats reset. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for move delegates, "giveBonusMovement", which controls when bonus movement is given. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for move delegates, "fireRockets", which controls when rockets fire. (veqryn)

* Created new step properties for move delegates, "combatMove" and "nonCombatMove", which control movement validation. (veqryn)

* Prevented AA type units from firing on both start and end of movement, when option "Force AA Attacks For Last Step Of Fly Over" is turned on. (frogg)

* Created new game property option "Abandoned Territories May Be Taken Over Immediately", which allows an abandoned territory to be taken over on the turn it was abandoned, rather than waiting for it to be attacked. (veqryn)

* Created new game property option "Sea Battles May Be Ignored", which allows attackers to not create a battle in a contested sea zone. (frogg)

* Created new game property option "Contested Territories Produce No Income", which will stop all production in territories that contain enemy units. (frogg)

* Created new game property option "Retreating Units Remain In Place", which will allow retreats to only the same territory as the battle. (frogg & veqryn)

* Allowed forum poster to maintain "notify me" settings. (Bruce Nielsen)

* Changed trigger property "when" so that it can be set multiple times, allowing a trigger to fire multiple times per round. (frogg)

* Changed game property option "Battle Rounds" to "Land Battle Rounds". (veqryn)

* Added game property option "Sea Battle Rounds". (frogg)

* Possible fix for host game hang, when host is launching and another player leaves or joins at start of launch. (veqryn)

* Possible fix for game hang / game freeze during hosting, client start step should now wait for delegate bridge to finish updating. (veqryn)

* Possible workaround for game hang / game freeze during hosting, if error occurs game should now drop back to waiting screen instead of just hanging or ghosting. (veqryn)

* Adding much more logging to HeadlessServerGame in order to try to find cause of the CastClassExceptions in TripleAPlayer.start() and NullPointer/IllegalArgumentExceptions in RemoteName. (veqryn)

* Fixed null pointer error in battle calculator when spamming the cancel button. (veqryn)

* Rebalancing Great War world war 1 game. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug where chanceIncrementOnFailure and chanceDecrementOnSuccess were not allowing any number of zero or less for chance. (veqryn)

* Fixed error where games with a round offset where doubling what round the game started on each time it was saved via the history panel. (veqryn)

* Creating a headless chat service, so that server can be created in a headless environment and still chat. (veqryn)

* Fixed bug causing fatal errors in client-server games when client owned very last step/delegate of game (only applied to some grid based games). (veqryn)

* Adding a log file for the headless server located at /log/headless-game-server-<servername>-log<#>.txt, to keep track of events. (veqryn)

* Adding many more additional commands to headless game server console, including show connections, ban player, save game, and stop game. (veqryn)

* Stopped headless game server from being able to load any savegame for a map to which it does not have the required map files for. (veqryn)

* Possible fix another possible hang/freeze point causing a Could Not Block Delegate Execution error. (veqryn)

* Fixed headless game server's connect to lobby so that resetting the connection does not erase info about the game. (veqryn)

* Possible fixes two possible hang/freeze points in Server Game, one caused by a bogus ClassCastException in ClientGame, the other by a bogus NullPointerError/IllegalArgumentError in RemoteName from PlayerDelegateBridge. (veqryn)

* Making sure sound system never loads sound clips for headless game server. (veqryn)

* Added a console to automated headless game server host, which allows commands such as 'help', 'status', 'memory', 'threads', and 'quit'. (veqryn)

* Created a headless UIContext for use with headless game server, so that it may run on a linux platform that has no configured graphics environment. (veqryn)
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Re: TripleA Stable has been released

This post was updated on .
If you want to run a "automated server" yourself, you can use this command:

java -server -Xmx96m -Djava.awt.headless=true -classpath bin/triplea.jar games.strategy.engine.framework.headlessGameServer.HeadlessGameServer triplea.server=true triplea.port=3304 triplea.lobby.port=3303"automated_host"

you can change the PORT, and the NAME, and the SUPPORTEMAIL

you can also use one of these files to run it (change the contents as you wish):
windows: run-headless-game-host-windows.bat

put these files into the same folder as where you installed triplea
(so they would be right beside the .exe [or .sh] file)
double click to run them
you can right click and make a shortcut to them on your desktop or w/e

For more complete instructions, read this link:

Please contribute to the TripleA 2013 donation drive: