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john stro
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I was curious to discuss the map and hear more about it from people. I haven't played it much myself, and unlike the other 2 Sieg maps, this one sees very little play. Seems like it'd be interesting to try to understand why, what we can learn about mapmaking from that, and ponder if anything could/should be done.

Talking to some people elsewhere, the general impression was that it slightly favors axis, and that the opening moves are very sensitive and complex.

I found the old thread on it for reference: revolutionbitcoin revivalasianporntubehdpornchimpyouvideoporno

Some particular things I've noted with the help and advice of others:
low strategic diversity for the Allies. The Allies play is more reactive than they are in most maps (including compared to other Sieg maps). Most allied nations only really have one front they can fight on. While there's tactical decisions to be made, strategic there isn't much, it's just go as far forward from that nations' position as you safely can. It's not like say NWO, where the biggest choice is between focusing on Italy or Germany. Not having to balance multiple competing priorities/fronts makes it rather blander.

Lots of Coastal caps. Most of hte capitals in this area coastal; and the nation splitup means it's quite possible to form 2 fleets such that neither side can attack the other and win a fleet battle, since all the fleets are mixes of several nations. THis leads to the weird situation where it's about positioning/breakthroughs, and in particular that you can't sink an enemy fleet as it advances into your area, even though it coudln't beat your fleet if it had to attack. Others have also noted how sneak captures by the super subs can too easily take out a cap if you screwup the requisite blocking chains, given how many nations there are to potentially use can openers. The Japanese capitals are all split up, so it's not possible to guard them against a naval invasion.

some significant not guaranteed opening battle possibilities; not sure how much they truly affect things, but it's weird having things like turn 1 factoyr captures that are dice rolls.

and that's all I've got so far.