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I seem to recall that at one time Cybertank had special movement for swamp, and may have had a defense factor.

I am still looking through all the script in pack of steel, and of another way to present all the data (trying as I will to digest most of it).

I may be in error but it seems like there is two ways of having Terrain Effects. One is to make rocky terrain for example movement 2, or to have the units expend movement factors to move into terrain type x. So sea zone two would be two for all sea units, and one for all air.

Of course doing the former you could limit the effect to types and or movement factors. It would seem that you could also make something not impassable for like LR bombers. I would think that in this case you would need to first allow, then restrict. Something like faults for LR_Bomber?

Then again I could well be living in me own dream, and am cracked. Thank you.
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