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Normal Bid suggestions

Hi all,

I use triplea to play axis and allies off line with friends. (Thanks to all who had a hand in creating it)

We play mainly axis and allies games that we already know the rules to (so far revised, Anniversary {41 and 42 scenarios}, and the 1940 Pacific/Europe/Global maps).

Could someone summarize the normal bid ranges for these maps (and the most common or fair ways to place these bids)? I'm interested in the response for both Low Luck and Dice scenarios.

And while I'm posting, can someone direct me to an explanation of the version history for the 1940 maps? What was unbalanced about the original out of the box? Why did the second version of global fail to fix this? Are the most recent versions of the games considered balanced or still need more tweaking?


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Re: Normal Bid suggestions

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This forum is more about development, but we could still try to answer.

A better answer could be found on:

Bidding rules are as follows:
No more than 1 unit per territory.
Can only place in territories that you either have units in, or territories that you own.
Normally do not allow buying bombers for a bid.

Normally whoever has the first turn, or the largest number of attacks to do in the first round, benefits the most from Low Luck.  

For Revised, I think the normal bid is around 6-9 given to the Axis, both dice and LL.
For AA50 1941, I think the normal bid for dice is around 9, while for LL it is around 12-15, for allies.
For AA50 1942, I think the normal bids are similar to 1941.
For Pacific and Europe I have no clue.
For Global 1940 2nd Edition, the normal bid at this point is +1 Bomber to Moscow AND +9-12 ipc to Allies.  (Allies normally purchase 1 sub for the med, and 1 infantry for London and/or Egypt)

In OOB Global, Axis could do crazy things like conquering London AND India for sure every single game on the 3rd/4th round.  2nd Edition is not as crazy, though it still requires a bid.  The bomber for the Russians is supposed to make the russians more balanced, but even though a bomber costs 12 it is really only worth maybe 6 in terms of a bid, because if you gave me the choice between a bomber for russia or a bid of 6 more, i would probably take the bid.  That is the reason people are giving the bomber to russia, because you wouldn't normally choose it as a bid, but people feel it is necessary to help balance the game.

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Re: Normal Bid suggestions

To answer your question(s) all of these Scenarios are not going to be balanced because one side gets more than the other. That said, it has been a very long time something like 25 plus years and they have tired changing the map(s), changing the units, changing the Scenarios, changing the units numbers ie attack, defend  and even added BIDS to help with balance and he still can't get it right.

The BID is not an automatic either because of experience. Say that you are very experienced and are playing a novice, someone who has not played many games of AA you will want to give that player some kind of bid to begin with because of his handicap of experience.

In 1940 Europe I have played against good players and they will win every time as Allies if they do one thing in the first 2 rounds. It is suggested that Italy get some sea help to balance things out because they cannot produce many ships to keep up with the USA and UK.

I hope this helps you. I am currently trying to find balance in the European Theatre during WWII that may not be like it is now. Hopefully I can find the solution.