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Mod Documintation help

     I have looked here and on the internet (under rocks, in small streams) for information on how to make a mod let alone a map and have found nothing of any real help.

 The Map Making Tutorial for one assumes a great deal. It does point out what the term Unit Scale means in the map making utility (something that is meaningless in the program). In fact I can go down a list of things that are missing, not pointed out that make it ---- not of great help.

Now I see that the last usable map making program was 1.05 , and it seems that the base map is nothing more then a white pic with black separating the squares aka territories from each other. Blue aka any other color for sea squares aka territories. Tiles for what the player sees but of size, and how to make and name them is unk. form looking at the data for cyber tank I see the tiles is in a columns layout. Numbered 0_0 with 0_1 being under and 1_0 being the start of a new column. So do I make them, and how? Should they be of a specific size? Of a specific number? Do all need to be the same size?

Can you change terrain cost for movement? Can you change terrain or a location for defense multiplier. How do you assign Victory hexs, and conditions?

Can I have land units cross a one water hex? Or do I need to just have it as land.

If I could get some help, I will not only make a Help file, one that can be uses before and as you use the map making program, but with pictures, and a YouTube vid to go with it (that anyone/everyone can use/repost etc).

Oh I also not a huge list of unit types that the program understands but can not find a good definition as to the properties that they have by default, and or can be assigned.

This has been very frustrating, and I thank you for your time and for any help.
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Re: Mod Documintation help

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I would think of the map creation process in 2 steps. First is the new map part, where you need to create the map image and supporting documents. This would include centers, place, polygons,, and baseTiles. You need these for the map to run, and this is what you want the map creator to help you with. I would recommend trying to build a really simple map to help understand what these pieces do. This part is tough and frustrating because the game won't run if anything is wrong, and a small fix can require a major redo (especially the polygons file)

The next part is the XML, which is the game portion. You can have multiple XML for a single map. You can write an XML by hand, using a tool as simple as notepad. You want to write complicated features by hand, the creator is only useful to help fill in simple sections such as the territory list, or connections. For all things XML, you want to see the pact of steel 2 XML, which explains all features.

A lot of people focus on cool unit ideas they want to try, when actual unit stats is a very small part of the process.

Now specific answers, you want to create base tiles. Either of the map making programs can make these, it's pretty easy. You can add relief tiles (which make the map look good) later, I would first try to get it running.

For your map, I think you want just land, no water. Look up territoryEffectAttachments to see what terrain can do. As for a how to guide, I think that the most recent map creator does a good job of walking through the steps. Just make a very simple version first, then go back and worry about making good art and interesting units.
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