Introducing the new DECORATION PLACER

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Introducing the new DECORATION PLACER

the most painful part of map making is after you are done, and you want to make it look pretty

the engine decides that your PU image for norway should go in sweden

or that the capital flag, the vc image, the pu image, and the territory name for germany should all sit on the same point as the factory unit

you want to correct it, but using decorations.txt is such a f***ing pain in the ass, that you decide to repeatedly slam your head against the wall for fun instead


i've attempted to correct it, and spent the last 4 days making a program that will do everything for you

ironically, despite spending maybe 20 hours making it, it is still less time than it took to get all the decorations for my diplomacy map done (when i did it the hard way, long ago)

anyway, this new beast of a program freaking automates everything, and it is actually even easier to use then photoshop's (or's) layers

First, you select you image.  it can be your basetiles, or it can be your relief tiles, or it can even be a screenshot of the game.

Second, you select which file you are making.  Examples include: pu_place, decorations, name_place, capitols, etc.

Third, the program tells you how this file works and asks you a few questions about what you are doing, and asks you to point it to the right folder, etc, then gives you instructions on how to use the program.

Forth, it automatically (based on the territory names) puts your images where they should be!  F--- YA!

Fifth, if you don't like where they are, just CLICK on the image you want to move, THEN click where you want it to be.  DONE!

Any images that it can not find a territory for (like if the image is not territory related, like a decoration showing the burma road, etc), will just go to the upper left corner of the map.  You can then click and move it where you want it to go.

OH, and thats not all either.  Do you want to make sure that your PU images are directly below the middle of your territory name images (instead of on top of each other)?  Then there is an option to save all the current images and their points onto a temporary map, then load up new images and continue!

now noone has any excuses for not making their maps pretty!

ALSO, please do not use decorations for territory names.  Instead, use the folder "territoryNames" for territory name images.  They will be placed at the points in name_place.txt


First, I want to place all my territory names:

Second, I'll place my PUs:

Red = all images you can move
Green = currently selected image (that you are moving)

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Re: Introducing the new DECORATION PLACER

Edwin van der Wal
wow, nice work Veq!