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How to Report Bugs

Please post bugs to the github project website, they are easier to track there:

You can view open bugs here:, and the full list of everything we are tracking here:

The bug report page on the website will ideally be updated at some point soon to give further instruction of what we are looking for in bug reports:

Ultimately though, if you can be as specific as possible when posting a bug report, it makes it easier to identify and fix the problem. Things to mention:
- context, what conditions are necessary to create the problem? Which map, what sequence of actions, etc..
- exact problem definition, what exactly went wrong? For example, "The image is wrong" is a bit ambigious, there could be many different things wrong with it. If you say though, "the image is blurry", or "it is the wrong image", then we'll have the specific details to know what the problem is. And for bonus points, tell us what you expected to happen instead of hitting the bug.

For example:
"When loading Big World v3, on any russian turn, when I move a tank from ukraine to karelia, the movement is not allowed. The tank has two movement, I expected the move to be valid. Here is a link to a save game showing the problem: ..."