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How To Update Maps

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So, you want to update a map?

You'll need a Github Account

- To create issues or fork a project, you'll need a github account.

Find Map

- Find the map you'd like to update:
  - let's pick great_war as an example:

Communicate your intended update

- Submit an issue ticket describing what you would like to update
  - each map has its own issue queue
  - issue queues can be found by clicking the "issues" link from the repo homepage (
  - you can go directly to the issue queue with this link:
  - and submitting issues can be done directly with this link:

Make changes locally

- Create a fork of the project
  - for example:, then click the "fork" button
- Now you'll have a copy of the project under your github user name, this is your fork.
  - You can edit the fork in place using your web browser. Github allows you to edit files and drag and drop new ones.
  - You can use Git for Windows or SourceTree, two applications that can help you download your forked project to your local file system. You'll then have a special git enabled folder, where you can modify files in bulk and then upload them again using Git for Windows or SourceTree . For more details on how to work with Git, please see:

Push your changes and submit a Pull Request

- Head back to the original repository you were updating
- Click the pull request button
  - you've now drop down menus where you can select your forked repository. In Git speak, you'll be setting up to merge the "master" branch of your fork into the "master" branch of the repository. Click Submit

After you have submitted a pull request

It's mostly a waiting game. If the map is "owned", then the map owner team will review and merge your change. Most maps are not owned, in which case the map admins will do the review.

If you update a map frequently, you can start owning it

With enough updates it'll make sense to make you an owner of the map, or a member of the map owner team. It's still always good if you can to always submit any change as a pull request, even when you can write directly to the repository (when you do not have write permission, you have no choice but to submit a pull request)

 Open Questions

This is still a draft policy. What do people think overall, any questions?
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Re: How To Update Maps

The Red Baron
@aaalafayette: Seems clear, straightforward, and smart. Veqryn had floated the idea of having an "Abandoned Map Updater" in his volunteers thread. Your suggestions would help anyone help out and make no matter how small of a change to any map they wish to update.

Here are a few questions I had: What updates will be accepted? Would the addition of, say relief tiles to a map that has none be accepted? How about balancing issues? It would probably be best to require a group opinion before changing something as delicate as that. Thoughts?
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