Great War - Can this game be won? Central Powers

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Great War - Can this game be won? Central Powers

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I've attached the tsvg file for a Great War game I'm playing. Round 18, and I'm the Central Powers. It looks bleak, but I think the war could still turn in my favor. (I'm playing my cousin so don't worry about the edits and what not, we have our own house rules on some minutia)

Right now my strategy is thus:

1) Everything depends on Austria. Having taken out Italy, I'm going to attack Southern France. This is my last, best, hope for victory it seems.
2) The Germans are in a tough spot. I had hoped to take out Russia before the Americans became a major factor but I couldn't pull it off. Right now, the majority of Germany focuses on Russia. I'll build a standard 6 infantry in the Ruhr (really if he permanently gets there I'm screwed) but otherwise the focus is to the East.
3) The Ottomans are like my firemen. They conquered Cairo early, so I've looked for other ways to use them. Firstly, the Ottomans are being used as reinforcements for the West, as a sort of rapid response unit to American landings or a French push. I was trying to bait the French to hit the Ruhr so that I could send the Ottoman force to attack back (in the resulting counter push I'd go into Cologne etc) but it looks like he won't be falling for that. As a result, I'm planning on swapping Ottomans for Germans in the West so I can put more German weight in the East. Contingant, of course, that I can still either hold the Ruhr or recapture it.

So I have about 6 troops a turn moving from Istanbul to Berlin.

Another Ottoman operation is pointed towards Africa. The British reinforced it, so I'm holding North of Sudan. He's doing a subsidiary attack via Portugal towards Libya, but I think I can handle that. (and hopefully pull troops from Egypt to reconquer West Africa).  While Central Africa (German colonies etc) aren't that valuable, I'm still putting weight into it because reconquering it would help the Germans out, who REALLY need the cash. (especially with all the bombing).

Finally, I have a growing Ottoman fleet. While I considered pushing more towards Gibraltar (and that was what I was doing originally) the fall of Italy means I don't need more of the Mediterranean. Soon I plan on switching the Ottoman fleet downwards to hit the British Indian fleet once we're strong enough. This will crack his long term plans in Africa and may even open up a way to conquer India. (though I'd have to bring my transports down from the Black Sea, which makes it more obvious)

So my question is:

1) Do you think the game is still winnable with the CP?
2) What do you think of my current plans, how would you change them?

While economically I am a bit behind, I feel that my economy may be more "efficient" since he has to buy more transports to cary his troops. Also considering that the British are barely felt in Europe, I think the actually IPC for the battle of Europe is roughly balanced, or even a little in my favor. (especially since the US is being played somewhat inefficiently with big "wave" purchases)

Any thoughts or advice would be great!

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