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Rolf Larsson
After a funny game of FJ with the new redrum hard AI, I decided to improve FJ a little:

- Uses the new Warlords map, which is much better
- Uses the new production system of 1 unit per territory only, but can be raised with a Castle or a Fortress up to 3 per territory
- Uses the Warlords stats for units, Archers and Teppos doing firststrikes attack and defense only, no support etc.
- Ships and Seazones deleted, instead boardgame like land connections to islands and other parts of the map
- Improved Minor Clans placements
- Added Amako player, now 18 playable clans
- Simplified phases/turn order, normal CM, NCM, PUR, PL, E
- Improved starting positions, with a rough evalution of difficulty per clan, indicated by turn order
- Alliances can chain together integrated for politcs, which makes these more interesting, because of consequences
- Redrum Hard AI, does a very good job here
- Improved and simplified bonus settings for AI
- Each player deselctable, each human player selectable in game options
- ...


2 more screens from a solo testgame, playing Amako clan(medium difficulty) in Round 12:

some progress and consolidation of the position was possible, taken out Mori a few rounds before, but

Miyoshi waits for his chance...

here is a first impression, for those beeing interested:

Feudal Japan 2 Version 1.0

some things need to be done:
- visual adjustments
- game notes, currently only showing unit stats without anything else
- politics messages, switched off and adjusted
- an overview panel for units and one for turn order
- with human players selected in game options, no problem to integrate a promotion phase for just these players, so far I have in mind: 2 attacking and defending promotions, adding one roll, adding one first strike, 1 movement promotion, adding one movepoint, next adds blitz ability, 2 recruiting promotions...but lets see

We now have custom dice!