Cannot join own automated server

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Cannot join own automated server

Here's the terminal commands and such:

Last login: Mon May 27 02:58:44 on console
Christians-MacBook-Pro:~ Christian$ cd documents
Christians-MacBook-Pro:documents Christian$ cd triplea
Christians-MacBook-Pro:triplea Christian$ sh

   If there is only one argument, and it does not start with a prefix, the argument will be 
   taken as the name of the file to load.

   To start a game using the given file:

   triplea /home/sgb/games/test.xml



   To start a server with the given game

   triplea triplea.port=3300
   To start a server, you can optionally password protect the game using triplea.server.password=foo
Parsing all available games (this could take a while). 
Finished parsing all available game xmls. 
INFO [Initialize Headless Server Setup Model] ChatController->Chatter:U-boat_HOST_BOT port:3301 ip:fd0c:fe1c:7016:33a5:682f:8fe0:9435:bfd8 is joining chat:games.strategy.engine.framework.ui.ServerStartup.CHAT_NAME
host: port:3303
Waiting for users to connect.

On line 5 this concerns me:
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Re: Cannot join own automated server

will not affect anything if it doesn't work
however it will work if you have the latest .jar file, which i uploaded to the auto-server-link:

on the issue of you not being able to join, it has nothing to do with the automated game server

we tested it together, and you are unable to join your "normal" host games either

so the problem is probably either with you, or with mac computers
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Re: Cannot join own automated server

In reply to this post by U-boat
U-boat, were you able to resolve your problem?

I was able to get mine to run on my MacMini and I am able to join from my iMac on the same network. Are you attempting to join on the same computer or a different computer?